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Building Better CMOs is a podcast about making marketing stronger and smarter, hosted by MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart, a seasoned marketing industry expert and thought leader. We talk frankly about the multitude of challenges that marketers face, what they get wrong, and how we can drive growth and deliver customer value.

The podcast features insightful, engaging interviews with successful marketing leaders, which will help listeners gain a deeper understanding of the evolving role of CMOs and learn how others create actionable strategies to overcome obstacles. Topics include data-driven decision-making, AI, customer experience, brand storytelling, marketing technology, analytics, personalization, culture, and especially the ever-increasing importance of boosting marketing productivity and impact.
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Meet Greg Stuart
Greg Stuart is the CEO of the MMA Global (MMA), the leading global media trade group focused on architecting the future of marketing, which is increasingly spearheaded by mobile. Over the past 7+ years, Greg has transformed the once-bankrupt association, attracting major marketers and media/tech company leaders to lock arms and advance the marketing industry.

Greg and team have tripled the organization’s revenues, energized its 800+ member companies globally, and there are now nearly 60 MMA team members in 15 countries. His Board includes CMO’s from Marriott, Uber, Dunkin Brands, Walmart, Samsung, Chobani, and dozen and half others, plus senior execs from Facebook, Google, Twitter, SNAP and more.

Greg is a long-standing marketing industry thought-leader on the future of marketing that is either mobile dominant or influenced by mobile’s new connected dynamics. Two of his three decades in marketing have focused purely on digital and emerging technology. He has served as CMO, CRO in addition to CEO at companies across the media landscape such as Y&R, Sony Online Ventures, and Flycast Ad Network (IPO’d 1999) and more. He also turned around and built the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the trade group for interactive advertising. There are IABs in more than three dozen countries. Also, in the last ten years, Greg has invested in and advised CEOs of two dozen venture-backed businesses, which have now transacted for well over $2.5 billion.

In addition to being a sought-after international speaker (Jakarta to London to Buenos Aires to Shanghai) and a member of the National Speakers Association, Greg is the co-author of What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds, which was recognized by AdAge as the as the No. 1 book of the “10 books you should have read”.

Industry authorities have awarded Greg for his work as a pioneer in emerging media. In 2006, AdAge selected Greg as part of the “10 Who Made Their Mark” alongside Jay-Z and Chad Hurley (YouTube) and he is a regular contributor to leading publications for his views on the future of marketing.
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MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart
About the MMA
The interaction between people and brands has been forever changed - it is closer, personal, powerful and pervasive.
Comprised of over 800 member companies globally and 14 regional offices, the MMA is the only marketing trade association that brings together the full ecosystem of marketers, tech providers and sellers working collaboratively to shape the future. The MMA's global headquarters are located in New York with regional operations in Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and Latin America (LATAM).

The interaction between people and brands has been forever changed - it is closer, personal, powerful and pervasive. And marketing and communications capabilities are about to further explode with the future of 5G, AI, and other emerging technology. Add a growing generation of screenagers entering the workforce and always-connected consumers to the mix, and you have a once-in-an-era transformation in the way brands and their customers interact.

At the MMA, we believe the best way to thrive – and the only way to survive – is to capture this zeitgeist by committing to both proven and peer-driven best practices, without compromise.

The MMA helps marketers lead this imperative for marketing change – in ways that enable future breakthroughs while optimizing current activities. In all that we do, we are committed to science and questioning. We believe that creating marketing impact is steeped in constructively challenging the status quo. We invest millions of dollars in rigorous research to enable marketers with unassailable truth and actionable tools.

By enlightening, empowering and enabling marketers, the MMA shapes future success, while propelling business growth today.

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