Building Better CMOs
Building Better CMOs

Mayur Gupta, CMO of Kraken: When the S**t Hits the Fan

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Mayur Gupta attributes everything he understands about marketing to his background as an engineer, the safest career path for a young person in India. He pivoted twice: First to Sapient's ad tech product BridgeTrack, and then to his first proper role in marketing, joining Kimberly-Clark in 2012. Today, Mayur is the CMO of the Kraken Digital Asset Exchange, which he describes as a crypto brand with a soul.

"Fundamentally, the way I look at it is the next stage of growth and adoption for crypto will come when the technology underneath crypto becomes hidden and the value becomes more visible," he says.

On this episode of Building Better CMOs, Mayur and MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart talk about crypto non-believers, the four eras of marketing, aligning the C-Suite to marketing objectives, building transparency and accountability, and more. Plus: The book that changed Greg's life, and two leadership lessons from Mayur that will make any organization stronger.