Building Better CMOs
Building Better CMOs

Rebecca Messina, Former Global CMO of Uber: Value Creation Mindset

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One of the three core principles of successful marketing operations, says McKinsey & Co senior advisor Rebecca Messina, is articulating and keeping to a clear mission. Sometimes, companies already have one, but "engagement in the mission is low." Other times, business leaders may think they have a mission, but it's wildly inconsistent across the organization. Formulating a proper answer to the mission question means asking some fundamental questions.

"It's based on the bigger question, which is where in the value equation are you?," says Rebecca, the former global CMO of Uber and longtime marketing leader at the Coca-Cola Company. "Are you that exchange company? Are you that engagement company? Are you that experience company? ... Whatever you are, how is it that you uniquely create that experience? How is it that you're going to uniquely deliver on engagement?"

Today on Building Better CMOs, Rebecca talks with MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart about cultivating the right mindset for marketing, the complexities of changing strategies, and what it takes to get into leadership roles. They also discuss the softening of the brand vs performance debate, how Rebecca redefined herself outside of Coca-Cola, and the dangers of opening a car door in Amsterdam.