Building Better CMOs
Building Better CMOs

Domenic DiMeglio, CMO of Paramount Streaming: Lead with Empathy

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How do you advertise a streaming movie or TV show? "Flashy campaign assets" like a trailer and key art are certainly part of it, says Paramount Streaming's head of marketing Domenic DiMeglio. But in the modern entertainment business, that's just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, he says, you need hundreds of assets that will appear on every platform, and a plan to "manage the customer life cycle as part of that process."

"There's just so much that goes into successfully building and managing and executing a campaign that you don't necessarily see beyond those flashy moments," Domenic says. "... If you're not placing that trailer in the right places, you're not giving it the right fuel to get viewed by folks, then you're also letting it down."

Today on Building Better CMOs, Domenic talks with MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart about competing with TikTok for viewers’ attention, the science of making an entertaining trailer, why Paramount bundled Showtime into the streaming service Paramount+, and more. They also discuss how to lead with empathy, the success of the company's free ad-supported streamer Pluto TV, and the return of Damian Lewis' character Axe to Showtime's "Billions."