Building Better CMOs
Building Better CMOs

Vineet Mehra, CMO of Chime: "Performance Storytelling" is Brand AND Performance

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"We have this East Coast, West Coast dynamic going on in our industry," says Vineet Mehra, the CMO of Chime. But rather than 2Pac and Biggie, the split is between brand marketing and performance marketing — which Vineet says shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

"Instead of integrating our worlds and realizing that all of this is now marketing, we have marketed marketing in an absolutely divisive way," he says, "and actually split the community as opposed to recognizing that there's just a new way of marketing and these two things need to be integrated and live together."

Today on Building Better CMOs, he explains his vision for that new, integrated way, which he calls "Performance Storytelling." Vineet and MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart also talk about treating everyone as a future customer, building credibility with your CFO, and hiring for more than culture and fit. Plus: Why everyone who wants to be a marketing leader should aim to be an executive in both a big public company and a private PE- or VC-backed firm.