Building Better CMOs
Building Better CMOs

Laura Jones, CMO of Instacart: Love the Challenge

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Laura Jones is Instacart's CMO and was previously the former global head of marketing, but she never explicitly set out to get jobs like those. "How did I end up here?" she asks. "It really centers on proactively seeking out learning opportunities."

After stints at Deloitte, Visa, and Google, Laura's last two job hops were both motivated by a realization that she had learned what she could from those roles and "that I wanted to continue pushing myself ... every day has been hard. It's the opposite of comfortable." That helped her reach the C-Suite because, in marketing, you need to be able to talk to all types of people — designers, data analysts, CFOs, and more. Through it all, she has been grateful for the opportunities to learn, and loved the challenges thrown at her daily.

Today on Building Better CMOs, Laura talks with MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart about the convergence of commerce and video, customer-centric design, and building different products for different marketer objectives. They also discuss the challenges of today's AI, developing a unified marketing voice, and the differences between pre-IPO Uber and post-IPO Instacart.